How You Can Get Involved

Become part of our invite-only network of preceptors making a positive impact for NP students!


Partner with us and precept NP students. Our focus is to pair awesome preceptors with awesome students. It's fun, we promise!

Help Us Recruit

Receive $100-$150 for each preceptor you recruit. All you need to do is share your referral code with your colleagues. We'll take it from there!

Let's Brainstorm

Let's brainstorm to find the best way to address this glaring gap in NP clinical education. We won't stop until this issue is addressed and we need your insight to identify creative solutions!

What students are saying about NPHub

NPHUB is an awesome organization, and great resource for nurse practitioner students. They assisted me with a pediatrics-family nurse practitioner, and the preceptor was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable. NPHUB sets up absolutely everything for you, and its just a matter of going to your clinical site. They ensure all the school paperwork is signed and make the entire process stress-free.100% Recommended.


My experience with NPHub has been fluid and effortless. NPHub was able to find me a placement and secure a site for me in no time. Communicating back and forth with staff is easy everything was taken care of for me in a timely fashion. I should’ve invested in these guys long ago. I will definitely recommend them to other clinical students!


I really needed a preceptor and Emma found me one without problem. I had to take off one semester because I had no luck doing it on my own, I looked around for help, and found this site. The people who work there are friendly, respectful, and responsible. Great job NPHub, I am happy I found you during the roughest time of my life, you made it so easy thereafter. Thanks


Very responsive, Amazing Team...If you find yourself stuck or have searched high and low, NP hub is your JEDI ship. I can’t say enough about them. Great customer service, extremely helpful every step of the way, highly recommended! Look for Ari, that girl’s a Unicorn ...


I would definitely recommend NPHub! After months of cold calling and receiving no replies, NPhub was able to secure a preceptor for me within three days! My paperwork is now signed and approved, and my clinical time is scheduled! Working with NPhub has been a great experience!


Emma has been wonderful with helping me find the sites that I need. She even brought along a co-worker to help me find another clinical site that I need. The team of people you have not only worked hard to find the site I need, they have worked together to make graduation a reality for me!


How it works

Every day, you heal patients & teach students. Let us do something for you!
Rotation Request
Review student requirements (incl. hours needed, paperwork deadlines, start & end dates). Click “Accept” to proceed with the request. Or message us with questions.
Preceptor Paperwork Complete
Two new tabs will open. Complete those two forms and e-sign them for the university. (Note: Some universities may require additional forms later)
Paperwork Complete
Your paperwork is complete! Students submit these docs to their university within 14 days. We’ll email you with updates but feel free to check the dashboard for changes.
Awaiting University Approval
Approvals times may vary. We will update you if additional forms are required and notify you once the rotation is approved!
Rotation Scheduling
Congrats! The rotation is approved and the student will coordinate an official start date with you. Notify us if the finalized date differs from the dashboard.
Rotation Started
Enjoy precepting! When the rotation is completed, log into the dashboard and leave a review for the student. Also, get a bonus when you refer other preceptors to NPHub!

What You'll Get

Compensation, easy paperwork & the ability to give back.

Simplified Paperwork

Our motto is NO MORE HASSLE.
We mean it! All preceptor paperwork now can be completed electronically so you don’t have to email documents back and forth, or worry about dealing with the universities.


NPs are the only healthcare preceptors that aren’t provided compensation. That changes today!
We compensate our preceptors because you all deserve to be recognized for your hard work empowering the next class of NPs.
We also send the love with goodie bags throughout the year!

Hand-Pick Your Ideal Student

Choose the perfect student that fits the needs of your practice and your patients. We’ve created a student profile, so you no longer have to judge a student just by their resume.
Many of our students perform so well during clinicals that you may just want to hire them when they graduate.

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